Brand experiences must go further than ever before to reach consumers in today’s saturated market.


Brand Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, branding consists of more than just a logo or a catchy slogan. It’s the DNA of your organization and underscores every business decision you make.

Agency 39A partners with brands in the digital marketplace to define the organization’s purpose and overall brand story. We look at the big picture and help clients narrow in on the core objectives of their organization. Through strategic planning and brand strategy sessions, we help clients make decisions, take action and implement changes that not only improve brand experience, but streamline operations.

Agency 39A Decoding the Enterprise Value of Brand

Utilizing Brand Strategy Services

Working with a brand strategist can help you eliminate your personal biases and better understand how your brand comes across in the digital world. Agency 39A offers professional brand strategy consulting to help clients find their voice in a crowded room. We help brands understand the marketplace and see themselves the way consumers do.

Our brand strategy services often include design-thinking workshops, user experience research, and brainstorming sessions with internal decision makers to establish alignment and a clear mission, vision, and values for the organization.

We begin with research and observation. Our design research team hosts interviews, design sprints, and innovation workshops with internal stakeholders to better understand the foundational purpose of the brand. We explore collaborative brand exercises like brand personality assessments and “how might we” conversation starters to gain perspective into the organization’s DNA.

The core elements of our successful brand strategy include:

  • Brand mission: what is your organization’s purpose?
  • Brand vision: what are your business’s future goals?
  • Brand values: what does your organization believe in?
  • Brand motivations: why do you do what you do?

These elements are essential to our brand strategy framework. We work with you to outline these foundational elements early on to help your brand scale nimbly and efficiently down the road.

How We Craft Your Brand Positioning Strategy

After we’ve established your brand framework, we create a cohesive brand communication strategy. We begin by developing a positioning statement, or unique selling proposition, that explains why your brand is better than every other competitor. This is the core of your brand positioning strategy and helps you claim and optimize your space in the market.

Agency 39A crafts a positioning strategy based on our findings from the user experience research phase. Though a collaborative process with internal stakeholders, we define the target audience, unique product or service, and consumer benefit that your organization provides. Then, we build a brand message that speaks to your target market and allows you to better engage with your ideal consumers.

If your organization engages with international consumers, we also develop a broader global brand strategy. This ensures that your brand is consistent around the world and appeals to the mass market. In a similar vein, we think about how your brand positioning strategy will translate to today’s culture of inclusivity.

Special Considerations for a B2B Brand Strategy

In the business-to-business world, the same is also true. A B2B brand strategy should clearly communicate a brand’s value propositions to B2B buyers; however, there are additional considerations to be made.

Think about the average B2B buyer in the healthcare sector. If you work in a hospital, you might use several different forms of technology to do your job. Your tech stack is probably expensive, integrated across several departments, and from a reliable brand with industry recognition. How often do you replace your equipment? Probably not very often — maybe every few years — because of both the hassle and the investment. Replacing a large-scale tech operation takes time, research, approval, and commitment.

Most B2B companies operate with similar constraints and, thus, have different needs and expectations than the everyday B2C prospect with a personal budget and inclination to impulse shop. When crafting a B2B positioning strategy, we adapt our brand strategy to consider the difference in buying cycle, budget approval, and length of contract in order to attract your target audience.


Developing a brand strategy is vital to your organization’s ability to scale and evolve at a rapid pace. A poor brand strategy impacts your ability to grow as an organization because it will create a disjointed brand experience for consumers. Agency 39A works with clients side-by-side to establish a strong brand identity that will help you stand out in today’s world of limitless startups and competition.

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