Digital Transformation in Biotech is shaping how companies innovate, communicate, and operate.


Biotechnology is pushing the boundaries of science, human health, and innovation.

Within the next ten years, this industry is on pace to overshadow the last thirty years of tech disruption in Silicon Valley with market growth alone. A key challenge for many organizations within this industry is establishing oneself as a standout brand in the biotech space. The industry moves so quickly that it’s proven difficult for internal teams to establish sustainable digital strategies. The innovation is there, but the marketing presence is not.

Agency 39A believes that the opportunities created by the biotech industry have the power to change the world — and we want to support the movement. We partner with biotech startups to consult on user experience and build comprehensive brand strategies through market research and development. We help craft a compelling, human-centric story that is inclusive and engaging for both everyday consumers and the scientific community.

Understanding the Biotech User Experience

As an industry, biotech sits at the cross-section of genetic engineering and the drug development process. It is quite literally the combination of biology, or the study of living organisms, and technology to create innovative solutions for the medical field and population at large.

Biotech discoveries in drug development have the capacity to transform healthcare by providing solutions for previously untreatable diseases using DNA sequencing and stem cell regeneration, expanding the world of life science as we know it.

Our approach to biotech consulting begins with a three phase methodology of discovery, continuous improvement, and creative experimentation. We first identify internal stakeholders within the biotech organization and conduct research to uncover the values, motivations, and driving purposes for the team. In biotech, primary users include health care professionals, patients, investors, academic researchers, and scientists who lead the charge on discovery.

Our research team hosts innovation workshops, design thinking sessions, and qualitative interviews to discover the foundational elements of the biotech brand. From there, our design and product strategy team work together to iterate on visual experiences based on recurring themes, pain points, and industry challenges discovered in the research phase. The creative experimentation stage is highly collaborative and ensures that stakeholders from all avenues are engaged in decision making and have opportunities to innovate. Lastly, we operate on an understanding of continuous improvement, and constantly ideate on new ideas wherever the energy arises.

Biotech Marketing as a Differentiator

After the initial consulting and biotech business development phase, we move into brand strategy and marketing. We focus on the values, motivations, and underlying purposes discovered in the user experience phase to establish an engaging brand story and positioning statement that will help our client gain market share among competition. To better understand the industry audience, we conduct biotech market research and create a market research report that outlines our clients’ ideal customers, buying habits, supply chain, and competitive advantages.

Biotech content marketing is a huge element of biotech marketing because it provides opportunities to educate consumers on complex subject matters within the industry. We work with the internal team to create content that answers frequently asked questions (for example, what is a genetically modified organism?), promote the success of clinical trials, or expand upon topics like common side effects and misconceptions about biotech. This content includes blog posts, email marketing, social media campaigns, and case studies. We approach content strategy from an omnichannel perspective and seek to create a consistent brand experience across all user touchpoints.

Inozyme Case Study

Recently we worked with a biotech organization to reimagine their brand and set them up for large-scale success in the biologics market. Inozyme is a pharmaceutical biotech company that focuses on drug discovery and therapeutics for rare diseases. We worked with the Inozyme team to create a strong visual, verbal, and experiential brand that would adequately communicate their brand mission, vision, values, and long-term capabilities to their target audience.

This partnership began with user experience research — interviews, design sprints, innovation workshops — and extended to a full-scale website and brand redesign. We worked with a medical illustrator to create illustrations of Inozyme’s biotech innovation in action. This illustrative creative direction resonated with users both emotionally and intellectually, providing the foundation for the brand’s creative direction as a whole.

Once we established a clear brand strategy for Inozyme, we worked with our design team to establish key brand components, visuals, and content for the redesigned website. We created moodboards, typographic studies, and conducted creative exploration to establish a brand identity. We incorporated photography throughout the design elements to give users a front row look into this groundbreaking field of scientific discovery. These photography elements were pivotal to the brand redesign and created an authentic and inclusive representation of the Inozyme organization and its internal team.

Our work with Inozyme established the biotech organization as a leader in the field. We believe Inozyme’s redesigned website and brand strategy will allow the company to rapidly scale, lead, and transform the industry for many years to come.


Biotech is a rapidly moving industry that requires a strong brand foundation in order to scale. Brand experiences must go further than ever before to grow and evolve at this accelerated pace, segueing to the importance of a full-scale digital partner that has the knowledge and resources to lead the charge.

Agency 39A seeks to work with innovators who create novel products that transform the world as we know it. Our work with biotech companies blurs the line between user experience, brand strategy, and product development. We can’t wait to see where the biotech industry moves next.

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