The insights, data, and tools to drive your digital strategy forward.

Pathfinder™ Discovery delivers the data to make your digital strategy successful, before you begin enterprise projects and long-term partnerships.

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here’s what discovery looks like

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Informed Decision Making

Gain a clear understanding of how your digital strategy drives performance and where it needs to improve.

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focused on outcomes

Establishing KPIs and outcomes that deliver measurable success and long-term impacts for your digital projects.

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realistic planning

Estimates that inform your business case and management plans that ensure the success of your project.

what's included With Pathfinder discovery?

Audience Insights

Behavior flows, user personas, and journey maps to help you understand your audience and what they expect from your digital experience.

in depth audits & evaluations

Marketing, UX, and technology audits that reveal improvements and optimizations that deliver actual performance and address core issues.

Tailored Technology

CMS, CRM, and Marketing Automation platform guidance that enable your project objectives – not the other way around.

business requirements

Technical requirements, timelines, visual scorecards, costs, and KPIs to help you deliver digital projects confidently.

tested ux design

UX design, UI design, and landing pages – tested and validated before you begin a large-scale enterprise project.

digital strategy

Content, SEO, PPC, email and digital marketing strategies that ensure the successful launch and ongoing performance of the project.

What to Expect

Phase 1: Learn

Identify opportunities

We analyze your data, evaluate your experience, and speak with your customers to uncover gaps and find new opportunities.

Phase 2: Create

Define a new experience

We develop user journeys, content strategies, UX, and UI design that eliminate gaps and develop initiatives that take advantage of new opportunities.

Phase 3: Execute

Deliver the plan

We build technical requirements, timelines, visual scorecards, costs, and KPIs that ensure the success of your digital strategy.

See an in-depth look at the process that delivers the vision, data, and strategy to drive your digital marketing forward.

Download the Sample

what our clients say

“Agency 39A’s expertise in design and development - paired with their strong understanding of the healthcare industry - has made them a perfect fit partner for San Ysidro Health. The team is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and kind. With their help, we’ve revolutionized our digital presence for patients and are already seeing the benefits!”



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