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4 reasons the 4-day work week is here to stay

The 4-day workweek is a step towards a humanized work environment and one that provides time for social and family commitments that have a massively positive impact on our well-being and our communities.


How to Create an Effective Content Strategy

To create your content strategy, you’ll want to consider how you’ll also build a content calendar, how you will organize your content ideas, how often you will publish content, and how flexible your content calendar is. You should also plan to:


Impact of Digital Transformation on Healthcare

Digital transformation is shaking up the healthcare industry in a big way.


Building an Effective Content Strategy Framework

Effective content marketing is a critical strategy that offers your users the information they need as they move through the sales funnel, from research to decision.


Cost Savings and Competitive Advantage: The Benefits of UX Strategy in Healthcare

As healthcare organizations continue to embrace digital transformation projects, many leaders are turning to user experience (UX) strategy to drive these efforts.


Digital Transformation Playbook

Digital transformation frameworks, like any framework, give decision-makers a starting point. This digital transformation framework provides a repeatable process, strategic planning and implementation, when it comes to repositioning a business to achieve digital maturity. This is our process for developing mature digital capabilities through digital transformation.


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Explained

B2B buyers want engagement on their terms (they want to direct their journey), more channels to engage across, more convenience and efficiency with purchases, and relevant experiences throughout their whole journey. Conducting “business as usual” is no longer an option.


Is Website Localization the Same as Translation?

Website localization is a critical part of expanding your brand to new markets. It can help you attract new customers and partners, and improve your overall sales. Not only does website localization help you reach a larger audience, but it’s also important from a marketing perspective.


Adopting digital technology in healthcare can lead to cost savings of up to 3% for healthcare providers.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the healthcare industry, providing patients with more convenient and efficient care while also reducing costs for healthcare providers.

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