Digital Transformation in Healthcare is shaping how companies innovate, communicate, and operate.


Healthcare has one of the largest areas of opportunity for digital transformation.

While medical technology continues to evolve, there is often a disconnect between invention and implementation. New tech is expensive, requires a lengthy onboarding process, and doesn’t always meet the universal needs of the industry.

Agency 39A partners with healthcare organizations to identify innovation areas, optimize workflows, and use cutting-edge digital solutions to improve both organizational and patient health. Through our whole-company approach, we seek to realign resources and improve all areas of user experience for the healthcare industry.

Improving the Patient and Practitioner Experience with UX

Our innovation approach begins with user experience research and exploration. Our team hosts design thinking workshops, innovation sessions, and in-depth interviews to observe key stakeholders along each healthcare touchpoint.

While our primary focus is on improving the employee and patient experience, we dig deeper. What digital solutions are available that might increase patient engagement in healthcare? How can we provide solutions that optimize data security for the institution? What challenges exist outside the bounds of the current tech stack?

To answer those questions, we go where our users are. In one case, Agency 39A worked side-by-side with adolescent patients to brainstorm an improved care regimen for treating Sickle Cell disease at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We held lengthy observation sessions to learn about the patients’ routines, home life, and care plans; we discussed the current tools and technology, narrowing in on its ineffectiveness and potential for improvement.

Together we collaborated to create a new disease management app that focused on educating patients about their medicine, fostered the adoption of sustainable routines for managing care, and provided new ways to analyze patient data through an administrative portal for the healthcare team. This healthcare app transformed internal processes at St. Jude while also creating a highly engaging user experience for young patients.

This case study shows the effectiveness of our user experience method at Agency 39A and paved the way for further innovation.

After the research phase, we collect our findings and create experience maps based on each individual users’ journeys throughout the healthcare industry. Our research team makes recommendations for product and design initiatives and shares these best practices with our UX design team. Visual designs are collaborated upon and shared with key stakeholders to assess alignment. Once a prototype is complete, we move into the testing phase to gauge its ability to meet previously identified metrics of success. Then we continue to optimize and iterate when needed in order to maintain our competitive advantage.

Improving Employee Experience in Healthcare

When approaching user experience in healthcare, it’s important to think about every single user in the sector — not just patients. Internal users like nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators need innovative solutions to do their jobs efficiently and adapt to patients’ ever changing needs.

This makes employee experience a huge area of opportunity within healthcare. There is a great need for professional development and innovative technologies that can remedy workflows and address industry pain points for these essential employees.

Additionally, there is room to simplify. Medical equipment and digital technology often comes with a complicated onboarding process that feels archaic to today’s modern hospital employee. A digital approach to employee experience identifies this pain point and ideates solutions for this disjointed technological process.

We work to improve employee experience the same way we approach patient experience: by working side-by-side with subject matter experts and healthcare personnel to understand their user journey.

Healthcare Application Development

A vital component of digital transformation in this industry is healthcare software development. Innovative web and mobile experiences can connect a broken system and optimize healthcare services for all areas of front-end and back-end user engagement.

Many healthcare facilities have introduced mobile health apps, or mHealth apps, to connect with consumers along their patient journey. Agency 39A built one such tracking app in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). This project started with a challenge: how can CHOP healthcare providers connect with young Sickle Cell Anemia patients as they transition from clinical care to disease management at home?

Our team began by conducting design research in the industry. We observed and chatted with patients, providers, and healthcare clinicians to better understand the current care experiences. These observations resulted in the shared vision to create a digital app that would provide both an educational resource for patients, and insightful patient data reporting for administrators. The result was a highly successful product that reduced patients’ emergency medical needs and paved the way for digital transformation in healthcare.

Approaching a healthcare mobile app development project requires an in-depth understanding of customer journeys and needs. Agency 39A utilizes user experience research and experience mapping to identify the best solution for individual users, and then innovates to bring the digital solution to life.

This methodology also translates to healthcare web development. The majority of medical websites are stuck in the past and need to reinvent themselves for today’s digital-first culture. We work with clients to make responsive web apps and increase engagement through user-friendly experiences and designs. This is another key area where optimizing employee experience works in conjunction with improving patient experience — how can healthcare websites provide the best solution for both user groups?

Marketing in Healthcare

Healthcare marketing is more complex than the average digital marketing campaign. The space is extremely saturated, and the industry is overflowing with jargon that makes it difficult for the average consumer to understand.

Agency 39A strategizes a healthcare marketing plan based on the core elements of the organization’s user experience journey.

Further, we act as a digital marketing agency for our healthcare clients and create marketing campaigns to support the latest product and tech innovations in the field. This includes optimizing SEO content for search engines, crafting blog posts and web content that educate consumers, and creating a well-rounded experience from the homepage and beyond.


The best way to disrupt the healthcare industry is to innovate. At Agency 39A, we offer full-service programs that partner with medical institutions from exploration to ideation and continual evolution. When user experience is prioritized, the health outcomes for patients, providers, and practices are inevitable.

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