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Digital Product Development and Innovation at Agency 39A

Front-end technology and application development bring concepts, prototypes, and detailed design to life. Our experience technology practice delivers solution architecture, front-end and back-end code for mobile applications, websites, and mixed reality including Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. Our technology teams are co-designers throughout the strategy, research, and design phases of an engagement, ensuring that ambitious concepts are rooted in reality and work within the clients’ enterprise.

Our application development teams bring unique enterprise experience in public sector, healthcare, and highly-regulated environments. Our applications power B2B and B2C commerce, eGovernment platforms, HIPAA-compliant patient engagement experiences, clinical research, digital therapeutics, and cutting-edge experiential learning platforms (LMS).

Our technologists guide our clients’ technology organizations through implementation and deployment, supporting the strategic goals that improve customer experiences, drive employee engagement, and deliver measurable operational efficiencies.

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Business-Focused Technology

Our technology team is dedicated to creating flexible, scalable, and rapidly deployable technology solutions for clients in highly regulated environments. We have extensive experience in healthcare, digital therapeutics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, transportation, and financial services.

Our technologists, strategists, and data scientists leverage a range of front and back-end technologies that help you achieve your digital transformation and digital product and web development goals.

Defining Your Technology Stack

A tech stack is a set of technologies used to develop software, power web applications, and deploy robust websites. Your tech stack is a combination of programming languages, APIs, frameworks, 3d party software, and tools.

Software applications are powered by two components: client-side and server-side technology.

  • Front-end technology enables users to interact with the application. The front-end is the code that structures the user interface and enables the user experience.
  • Back-end technology provides the front-end with connectivity to data and data processing. It includes programming languages, server-side frameworks, operating systems, databases, and APIs.
  • Middleware helps developers build applications more efficiently. Middleware provides common services and capabilities to applications outside what’s offered by the operating system. Data management, application services, messaging, authentication, and API management are all commonly handled by middleware.

How to Choose a Tech Stack?

Determining the right tech stack is a key factor in project success, JavaScript and frameworks like Angular, React.JS, Vue.JS are common front-end technologies while Java and .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, C#, are common back-end technologies.

Agency 39A helps you determine the right tech stack for the unique needs of each project. We help you make technology decisions that align with your strategic business goals and will scale with the needs of your business.

Digital Product Development and Innovation Capabilities

Content Management Systems

A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. Agency 39A delivers scalable and flexible content management systems including Webflow and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) designed to the exact needs of your business.

Our content management solutions deliver digital experiences across all channels with automated tools that make scaling your marketing effortless. We provide the automation and tools to rapidly source, adapt, and deliver your assets across audiences and channels.

​​Web Applications and Websites

Agency 39A develops dynamic, scalable, and robust web applications and websites on enterprise content management systems like Webflow and Adobe Experience Manager providing the maximum flexibility for your business with the least amount of technical overhead.

Our front-end developers leverage a variety of technologies to further augment your CMS and develop advanced web applications and website functionality. JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, and Slick fitted into frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, and React.js are used to provide functionality for advanced user interfaces.

Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications provide advanced functionality for a variety of mobile devices and tablets. Agency 39A delivers native mobile applications built for iOS and Android devices in React, Objective-C, Swift, Python, C/C++, and Java, while hybrid application development is built on HTML5, JavaScript, Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap, and Xamarin. Our development teams work across a range of technologies to power your mobile application.

Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics (DTx) deliver medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders. A growing number of start-ups and well-established technology companies are introducing innovative applications designed to enable patients to take greater control of their care.

Agency 39A’s deep healthcare experience combines strategy, technology, and design to power some of the most cutting-edge Digital Therapeutics in use today.

Future-proofing your technology

Digital transformation is a restructuring of how an organization uses technology, people, and processes in pursuit of new business models, revenue streams, and product or service offerings brought about by changes in audience expectations..

The benefits? Increased operational efficiency, and more resilient and diverse capabilities, while unlocking new value for employees, customers, and your shareholders.

Choosing the right technology partner

CIOs and IT decision makers require technology partners that collaborate together towards a common goal rather instead of a one-way customer-partner relationship. The technology partner landscape provides abundant options so what steps can guarantee that your enterprise identifies the right partner?

Better partnerships empower CIOs to consistently deliver products, services, and operational innovations while developing long-standing partner relationships and increased loyalty.

Agency 39A helps you make the right technology choices

Technology executives are the architects of their organization’s digital transformations, building the technology infrastructure needed to support every aspect of a business.

Choosing the right technology and technology partner has become part of your mandate, with the head of IT increasingly on the hook for enabling customer-facing teams to deliver fluid and personalized customer experiences across all channels and mediums.

Agency 39A partners with technology leaders to evaluate and select the right technology, crafting a roadmap to deliver brand value and innovation, and develop scalable technologies that power your business.

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