A great user experience extends to every touchpoint of a brand.


Web and Mobile Development

Digital elements including a modern website, responsive mobile site, and native app experience can help brands reach their business goals and delight consumers with inclusive and engaging content along their customer journey. Think of a brand’s website or mobile app as a piece to a digital puzzle: when it all fits together, it creates a detailed picture of who the brand is and what it can offer the market.

Agency 39A strongly believes in the power of digital transformation to improve an organization’s workflows, manage customer expectations, and provide a competitive advantage in today’s crowded market. We partner with clients to provide full-scale development strategy and implementation for improved UX and business operations.

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Web Development and Design

A high-quality website or app is a large investment, but it has the potential for an even greater return. A brand’s digital presence is how consumers will find you on Google or social media, learn more about your services, contact you for inquiries, and it’s ultimately how you build brand equity and exposure. You want your web app to tell a story that attracts and connects with customers to create a great brand experience.

Working with a web developer is a good solution for organizations who are looking to scale effectively. Our web development team at Agency 39A partners with clients to provide innovative digital solutions to solve modern business challenges. We lay the foundation for improved user experience and build a transformative web platform to support it.

Any successful web or mobile development project begins by defining the client’s foundational user experience. We kick off the project with innovation workshops, design thinking sprints, and qualitative research to understand the stakeholders who engage with our clients’ products or services. This includes external consumers as well as internal employees, administrators, and leadership. We prioritize cross-team collaboration from day one to establish a clear organizational vision and key performance metrics to define success.

We work with internal stakeholders to establish the requirements for the structure of the site, outline necessary web content, and identify any possible tech limitations within the organization. Our research team provides recommendations based on user insights and best practices across web design, content, product, and software development. This is also where we flag any organizational workflows or processes that might need to evolve to match the new site’s capabilities. The website design project is then handed off to our development team who will begin coding and structuring the site according to the client’s specifications.

Working with a professional developer like Agency 39A is especially wise during the development phase: you don’t want to spend valuable time and resources on a new website only to discover it doesn’t properly integrate with your tech stack. It also ensures that your site is built with proper coding language, like HTML and CSS. These programming languages are necessary to build a website and are not something you want to wing on your own. If built incorrectly, your site could break or create a poor user experience. We work with you to find the best solution for your organization’s technical and consumer needs.

Collaboration doesn’t stop there. Once we create new pages or on-site experiences, there is a period of quality assurance (QA) to test each element and make sure they operate to the internal stakeholders’ satisfaction on both the back and front end. Post-launch there is typically a continued conversation and assistance from our developers as the website evolves and grows along with the business.

Mobile Development

Web and mobile development go hand-in-hand. Some best practices even encourage a “mobile-first” mindset when crafting your site’s user experience on the client side. Data from Perficient shows that more than half of all web traffic in 2020 came from mobile — a stat that reinforces the importance of this development.

Agency 39A helps organizations translate their user experience to the world of mobile devices. We follow best practices to create responsive sites for today’s modern consumer. A responsive site is one that dynamically changes to fit the user’s device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile. An unresponsive site directly translates the website from screen to screen, often resulting in a poor visual and user experience if the screens are different resolution sizes. We work with clients to define the best experience for front-end and back-end users, and then collaborate on an innovative design and product development.

The main difference in web versus mobile development is the screen size when viewing your website. Mobile users have limited width but high scroll depth, whereas desktop users have a wider screen and can see more information in one scroll. When developing for mobile, we use content strategy tactics to format the mobile content in an engaging way to keep the user scrolling for longer. This is also known as “information architecture,” or the hierarchy of content on the page. We work with clients to craft engaging (but short) copy, a distinct visual, and to limit the amount of pop-ups or modals that appear on mobile. Agency 39A makes sure these important distinctions are prioritized from day one through design and development.

Another key difference between web and mobile is the way a user interacts with the device. On desktop, a user is most likely using a mouse or keyboard to click on call-to-action buttons and other web pages. On mobile, however, they are using their fingers to touch the screen directly. These behaviors require a different method of interaction. During the research phase, we engage with front-end users to understand their preferences, limitations, and accessibility requirements when using mobile devices. Then we incorporate those user behaviors into the UX design for an improved experience.

App Development

Depending on your product or service, you might consider building an app in addition to your mobile site. A native mobile app can greatly improve your brand’s user experience by making it more accessible and engaging for consumers and employees alike. It also can help you build brand equity as the app will be available in the global app marketplace and might appeal to a broader audience.

We work with clients to understand their needs and determine if an app makes sense. Not every business will benefit from an app, but if you can devise a way to extend value and increase brand loyalty through this platform, it can be a good addition to your organization’s digital offerings.

The two main types of mobile apps we develop at Agency 39A are Android apps and iOs apps. Apple products utilize iOs apps and are easier to build than Android apps, comparatively, because of their coding language. When developing a mobile app for your organization, the best practice is typically to prioritize an iOs app and then move into development of an Android version. This will typically help you move into market faster and potentially save money up front due to the lesser tech lift.


A cohesive digital brand experience helps establish your organization as reliable, professional, and built with today’s modern consumer in mind. Your investment in digital applications like web and mobile will improve your user experience and transform your brand from the outside in.

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