About Agency 39A

We're on a mission to help our clients invent, test, and pioneer digital experiences that move their ideas and businesses forward.

Digital Transformation by Design

We focus on metrics and outputs first

What key outcomes are we trying to achieve? How do we design the process to achieve the goal?

Delivering what you need at each step

Are we acting on the right information? Have we created a system that validates insights and challenges assumptions?

Engineering accountability into the system

Who is responsible for each step? What can we do to build consensus and increase the visibility of their contributions

About Us

Agency 39A is a digital transformation and user experience consultancy. We combine design thinking and analytical problem solving  to help our clients solve their most complex digital challenges.

We deliver cutting-edge B2B digital expertise and the know-how to help you achieve a measurable impact.

We’re a team of big agency refugees, fresh creative talent, digital strategists, and technologists. We’re driven by curiosity and creativity, but more than anything, we’re interested in what drives people.

We were raised in digital but understand that the core of an experience is intrinsically human. We use these factors as the foundation for our consultative process and develop solutions that improve both the efficacy of our client organizations and the interactions they have with their core audiences.

Agency 39A Leadership

Nancy Tai

Nancy Tai


Nancy Tai, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, oversees all Agency 39A operations with 20+ years of experience scaling and operating high-performance creative teams.

Shanon Marks

Shanon Marks


Shanon Marks, CEO & Founder, brings 20+ years building brands and businesses, overseeing Agency 39A growth, business strategy, M&A, vision, and client experience.

Ciara Taylor

Ciara Taylor


Ciara Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, oversees all Agency 39A client delivery with 20+ years of experience, synchronizing our creative services, developing world-class talent, and leading cutting-edge work for our clients.

Team spotlight

Steve Stanzione

Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing

As Agency 39A's Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing, Steve helps our clients plan and execute experience transformation and digital marketing strategies that drive measurable results. In addition to his role at Agency 39A, Steve is also a Digital Marketing Instructor at San Diego State University and an avid hiker.

Interested in working with great people like Steve?

Careers at Agency 39A
Steve Stanzione

Agency 39A Capabilities

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