Shanon Marks

Chief Executive Officer

About Shanon Marks, Chief Executive Officer

Shanon Marks, Chief Executive Officer, is the guiding force behind digital transformation programs for global brands and governments, helping navigate and dominate the intricate and ever-changing digital landscape. As an entrepreneur, Shanon has a successful track record of founding, scaling, and operating agencies and digital product platforms. His leadership is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence with a unique ability to envision and shape the future.

As the founder and CEO of Agency 39A, Shanon employs his expertise to drive digital transformation through a culture of innovation and problem-solving. He leads his team to deliver future-shaping experiences for clients across multiple sectors, with a specific emphasis on life sciences, healthcare, and public sector organizations.

Shanon's achievements include being a Webby Award winner in 2012, and more recently, a Webby nominee and honoree in 2023 for his work on the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's iManageSCD mobile application, which helped transform digital therapeutics and the management of chronic diseases.

Shanon is an influential thought leader, speaking at high-profile events such as Ad:Tech and the Forrester Innovation and Technology Conference, where he has shared his insights and perspectives on digital trends and technologies. With a sizable social media presence, including a TikTok following of 95,000, Shanon continues to engage, educate, and inspire audiences across platforms.

“If everything is under control, you're not going fast enough.”


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