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Content Strategy

It’s how your audience finds you, it’s how you keep them engaged, and it’s how you get people talking about your brand and converting to lifelong fans. While it might sound counterintuitive, there is more to content than just making great content.

To reach your business goals, you need a well-defined content strategy that not only puts content in front of your users, but optimizes each piece for your target audience. Agency 39A offers full-scale content strategy services that help organizations align their marketing efforts for maximum reach, engagement, and value.

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The Science Behind Content Strategy

Content strategy is the method of aligning your content marketing efforts to reach your business goals. This process ensures that every digital touchpoint of your brand feels cohesive, relatable, and serves a purpose. Website, social media and email marketing efforts work together to tell different parts of the same story and create an emotional connection to your brand. The foundation of your brand’s messaging should remain the same no matter the vehicle or distribution channel.

Agency 39A begins the content strategy process with collaboration. We facilitate workshops, interviews, and planning sessions with representatives from our clients’ key departments to understand the motivations, values, and vision that moves the team forward.

We outline a content development strategy that answers the following questions:

  • How do you want to tell your brand story?
  • Where does your target audience live?
  • What internal resources are available?
  • How will people find your content?
  • How can we optimize the value of your content?
  • How and when should we create new content?

The answers to these questions help us decide what content to produce, which channels to prioritize, who creates each piece of content, how we distribute content, and how to optimize our efforts for maximum reach and value. We develop a digital content strategy and content calendar based on these insights and then work to find cross-team alignment to carry out this renewed brand vision across content distribution channels.

Website Content Strategy

During the initial research phase, we take a deep look at each piece of our client’s marketing arsenal to find opportunities to improve and innovate. We usually start by looking at their website — after all, this is the first place consumers go to learn about a brand’s unique product or services.

We do a full site audit to identify the current content and how it’s performing. Then, we develop a roadmap and provide recommendations based on consumer needs, web design best practices, and the company vision established in our initial collaboration sessions.

Our research team wireframes user journeys for each persona who will use the website. This includes front-end customers, patients, or scientists as well as back-end administrators, tech, and sales teams. These wireframes then inform the design. Our UX designers draft initial mockups of a revamped site architecture and core site pages including a homepage, about us page, and any capability, service, or product pages. These pages are integral to a brand’s content strategy and should be thoughtfully created and optimized for SEO.

We share the designs with our clients’ internal stakeholders and gather feedback from user research to assess the new approach. Once alignment is found, we move forward with complete web design and digital transformation.

Another core component of a brand’s website content strategy is a blog or newsfeed. This section of a website appeals to consumers because of its educational nature. Industries like biotech, healthcare, and B2B are complex and often hard to understand — a blog can help break complicated subjects down into digestible articles that consumers can easily read and relate to.

Agency 39A works with clients to create a well-rounded content calendar for articles that will keep your blog content fresh, timely, and diverse. We prioritize long-term planning so that our clients’ internal teams have enough capacity and resources to carry out the content roadmap.

After establishing the overall website content strategy and content creation plan, we work with clients to create a distribution strategy that outlines how content will be shared with your target audience. We create a plan for each and every piece of content that you publish, to build a strong brand presence in the market.

SEO Content Strategy

Website content strategy leads directly to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO strategy. How will people actually find the content on your site?

In order to get noticed by search engines, your web pages and blog posts need to be optimized for search results based on popular keywords that have a high search volume. Agency 39A works with clients to build an SEO strategy focused on long tail keywords that best align with your business. Ranking for keywords is competitive! We follow best practices to identify gaps in the market and use your competitive advantage as fuel for our SEO campaigns.

These campaigns are centered around driving traffic to the core pages of your site. We optimize all page titles, meta descriptions, and overall page content to carry out a consistent SEO strategy at all touchpoints. When all of your content speaks the same language, you’ll have a better chance of getting picked up by Google because of the high-quality of your site’s SEO content.

It’s important to note that the world of SEO is constantly evolving. Today’s best practices might be tomorrow’s bad habits. Agency 39A works with clients to continue optimizing the site’s search engine strategy after initial efforts are launched. This ensures that your site is constantly ranking, driving traffic, and meeting business goals.

Social Media Content Strategy

A social media content strategy is another important component of your marketing content strategy. Agency 39A works with clients to craft an engaging social media strategy that educates, performs, and stands out from the crowd and brings your organization’s vision to life.

We start by identifying what media platforms your target audience uses, which social media channels you’ll spend resources on, and how your web content can inform your social content. Not every channel is a good fit for every brand. Agency 39A recommends the platforms that will allow you to best connect with your target users and focus your energy. This is also a good way to make sure you don’t have company pages with no content, or low-performing content due to forcing the platform to work for you.

For example, a B2B content marketing strategy is different from a B2C strategy because of the target audience. Agency 39A works with B2B clients on LinkedIn content strategy and lead generation campaigns to attract and convert B2B buyers.

If you’re on the right channels, your audience has a much better chance of finding and engaging with you!

Then, we think about your brand guidelines and how they translate to social media. Our design team creates templates, graphics, and style guides that will help bring your brand to life. Great social media brands thread every piece of their content with a unique voice. We work with you to define your voice and tone, and then build a content calendar to carry out that vision.


A bad content strategy is disjointed and fails to convert users into dedicated followers or paying customers; a good content strategy tells a story and creates a loyal brand community.

Agency 39A works side-by-side with brands to facilitate strategic content planning and brainstorming sessions to improve the overall brand experience from start to finish. We start by dialing in and understanding your brand’s corporate narrative. From there, we clarify value propositions and create content that resonates with your target audiences and SEO metrics.

At the end of the day, content strategy is about user experience. How do you want your users to feel when interacting with your brand?

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