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A new digital communications platform for engaging clinicians, investors, and talent



Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is life-threatening, costly and present in every country in the world. Paratek is fighting the AMR pandemic.

Drug-resistant infections cost the U.S. an annual $20 billion in excess healthcare costs and $35 billion in lost productivity. According to recent research, it's estimated that up to 160,000 people in the U.S. die from antibiotic resistance each year, and that almost three quarters of a million people die annually worldwide. By 2050, that could grow to 10 million every year if the trend isn’t slowed.


Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Design Research
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy
Front End Development
Project Management
UI & Visual Design
User Journey Design
UX Design

Project outcomes


Paratek’s pipeline of therapeutics addresses the growing scarcity of novel and effective broad-spectrum antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections.

Investments, strategic partnerships, defense contracts, and top-tier talent are driving factors in Paratek’s success. They needed a more effective digital marketing strategy, web communications platform, and investor relations platform to increase brand awareness among investors, clinicians, researchers, and potential employees. 

Design Research and discovery led to an improved user experience and better information architecture


Our work began with a digital maturity assessment to define the brand, digital, content, and organizational needs of Paratek Pharmaceuticals. We conducted a series of design sprints to rapidly excavate existing content and brand assets while involving the entire leadership and scientific teams in hands-on concept development and future-state visioning exercises.

Agency 39A developed a digital strategy that defined content, brand identity, user experience, digital marketing tactics, and a content strategy that informed new mission, values, vision, and value proposition content. A content-managed corporate website improved brand awareness and talent acquisition.

Initial concepts explored new typography, imagery, color, and messaging

In addition to the development of the corporate website, our design team also created a separate Medical Affairs website for healthcare professionals seeking additional prescribing, efficacy, and data––creating a communications platform for clinicians and Paratek to exchange critical information.

Real-time stock performance, financial performance, and SEC filings are managed in a robust, real-time data environment on a custom-developed integrated Investor Relations (IR) platform that provides an alternative to the Nasdaq-provided IR solution at a fraction of the cost, and with greater flexibility and functionality.


By leveraging user insights, research, business strategy UX design, we’ve evolved the digital brand to help Paratek Pharmaceuticals achieve its communication and awareness goals and continue to serve Paratek as a strategic design and technology partner in an ongoing partnership.

The redesigned corporate site was the result of impactful technical writing, effective messaging, and engaging user experiences

Our ADA-compliant digital platforms included a reimagined content strategy, more effective keyword rich content, and robust scientific content for healthcare professionals, ensuring that the website and other digital communications tools were designed to highlight the broad applicability of Paratek’s pipeline of therapeutics, the culture of innovation, and the opportunities for researchers wishing to join a cutting-edge team.

The medical affairs site is a mission-critical component of the Paratek digital strategy, enabling clinicians to access important data

Our content-managed Medical Affairs website provides access to Medical Information Requests, Publications, Presentations, Grants, Funding, Product Resources, and Disease Education Resources and a robust IR platform reports corporate governance, stock price, SEC filings, news, presentations, information requests, and FAQs.

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