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Delivering human-centered product and brand strategy

Life Sciences


Medela has been caring for moms, babies, patients, and healthcare professionals for so long that they've turned it into a science. Medela is an organization focused on research, and one that listens to its customers and the clinicians that support them.


Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Design Research
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy
Digital Transformation
Mobile Application Development
Project Management
Rapid Prototyping
Patient Experience Design
UI & Visual Design
User Journey Design
Persona Development
Service Design
UX Design
Front End Development

Project outcomes


In their words: “We sit with moms while they pump at home, work, in the car, and at the airport to better understand their challenges and we talk with parents who share their goals and concerns, and express their desire for trusted information to help inform decisions for their family.”

We were eager to partner with an organization rooted in research and design thinking. Medela engaged our team to answer a key question: how might we better engage Mom with Medela’s brand, services, and products? We understood that the question required a deeper understanding of nursing mothers and clinicians to fully detail the customer journey and Medela’s place within it.

Product, brand, and clinical stakeholders worked with design strategists and nursing mothers to map the nursing mother experience and how Medela could better support them throughout their journey

We set out to better understand the needs of nursing mothers and their experiences from prenatal, birth, and postnatal care with lactation consultants, education, and engagement with nurses and hospital staff. Understanding Mom's needs and anxieties revealed opportunities to better serve her, and show how Medela products and services could provide the support she needs, when she needs it.

We helped Medela facilitate relationships between mothers looking for a way to connect with other moms––sharing stories, resources, and information, as well as Medela's goal of promoting breastfeeding in local communities. Moms wanted help understanding the potential impacts of their decisions, and how to best communicate their wishes and needs to clinicians throughout their nursing experience.

Connected care is important to Medela––that is, ensuring that the needs of the care provider are also met. Having more insight into a nursing mother’s preferences provides clinicians with the opportunity to prepare the necessary equipment or resources. Concurrently, hospitals are seeking new ways to understand the return on investment for their various breastfeeding programs and resources while exploring ways to bring disconnected departments together to provide a more holistic, consistent, and informed patient experience.

Detailed journeys were illustrated to understand where and how Medela could support the lactation ecosystem


Our teams leveraged design thinking, design research, user experience design, product strategy, and brand strategy throughout this program. Understanding mothers was only the first step. Knowing the context in which these products are used proved imperative, so we mapped out the world of healthcare providers.

We began our engagement in planning workshops and collaborative concepting sessions with stakeholders and end-users, listening to where opportunities presented themselves. Our workshops resulted in a service blueprint that serves as an enterprise-wide communication platform and develops a shared understanding of how and where Medela could support mothers throughout their journeys, from considering pregnancy to re-entering the workplace. Journey mapping workshops, collaborative strategy, user research, and persona development helped us create an accurate blueprint depicting the interactions, expectations, and needs of clinicians, care providers, and patients.

The Medela Mom’s Club is a comprehensive program providing personalized, stage-based content and human support for Mom through every aspect of her breastfeeding journey. The program combines exclusive and immersive real-world experiences, product interactions, samples, and discounts, along with breastfeeding-centric services that help moms navigate insurance benefits, lactation, etc. The Medela Mom’s Club is a true competitive advantage that ensures Mom’s satisfaction and builds connection to support and community.

The tablet application provided a hub for care providers––shifting focus from data entry and paperwork to patient care and support

For Hospitals
Medela Mom’s Club empowered Hospitals to promote the tool and build a connection with their patients, while growing an awareness of best practices.

For Clinicians
Medela Mom’s Club empowered clinicians by minimizing the amount of data entry required while streamlining access to the information they need to provide care for their patients.

For Mom
Medela Mom’s Club connects moms with their hospitals and provides the support they need. The application ensures that moms feel informed and empowered to initiate conversations with their care team and find help easily when they need it most.

The application connected nursing mothers, care providers, and an extended community of support


Medela Mom’s Club improved patient engagement by bringing clarity to the clinical journey. We helped the leading brand in lactation to better understand their end patient and ensure a higher standard of patient care and experience. Additionally, Medela came away with a better understanding of the clinical application of their products within hospitals, creating better digital interactions with their core audiences and resulting in better product opportunities and more effective marketing and sales strategies.

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