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Wintrust is a financial holding company that operates 15 chartered community banks in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Each community bank maintained its own unique brand and digital platform. Agency 39A developed a strategy for a customer experience that brought all 15 sites into a unified digital brand platform.


Wintrust needed a unified brand identity that integrated all 15 of the chartered community banks within the Wintrust ecosystem. To do so, it was critical to understand and define customer pain points and needs, create a unified navigation model across all community banks, and design a unified user experience that provides centralized access to key functionality. They also needed a content strategy that identified redundancy, needs, and improved keyword performance.

Collaboration sessions ensure that project objectives are identified early on


Our work began with stakeholder interviews that informed our initial understanding and shaped a collaborative design sprint to refine the scope, scale and focus of the program. We conducted a content gap assessment to determine the effectiveness of existing content and identify where new content was needed.

Wireframes identified opportunities to unify navigation, content, and functionality

Agency 39A developed an improved information architecture to support the 15 community banks, providing universal access to centralized account management functionality and supporting content. We designed, prototyped, and tested new user experiences and developed comprehensive wireframes and user interfaces for deployment within the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) environment.


We designed and developed content-managed templates that could be leveraged across all of Wintrust’s business units as well as their flagship digital platform.

The redesigned digital marketing platform unified 15 community banks into a single entry point and improved online banking experience

Our work extended the reach of the Wintrust brand to each community bank while retaining key features and attributes of its subsidiaries, ensuring a seamless experience for all of the community banks, and preserving link paths to key functions while improving the overall site experience.

Responsive templates ensure a seamless experience across mobile devices

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