Developing tools to collect, display, navigate and analyze complex healthcare data

Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland Clinic was at the forefront of modern medicine when its founders opened it as a multi-specialty group practice in 1921. In its first century, Cleveland Clinic has introduced many medical firsts, opened facilities around the world, and is proud to be ranked among the top hospitals in the country. Now, 100 years later, the vision of the founders remains Cleveland Clinic’s mission: caring for life, researching for health, and educating those who serve.

Wireframes defined initial requirements


Providing the highest standard of care requires a detailed understanding of each patient, especially in high-volume, triaged environments like the Emergency Department (ED). ED physicians evaluate and synthesize significant amounts of data with each new patient, and a single diagnosis can have vastly different outcomes for each patient and can vary based on age, existing conditions, medications, health history among countless other factors. 

The Cleveland Clinic sought to develop a new type of diagnostic tool that can diagnose and manage each patient’s transition of care. 

Wireframes facilitated dialogue between clinicians and designers


As an innovation partner to the Cleveland Clinic, Agency 39A leveraged design research, product development, user insights, technology strategy, and decades of design leadership to bring digital transformation and digital therapeutics to the Emergency Department. 

Our research and user experience teams worked with physicians and nursing teams to develop an initial diagnostic platform prototype. Initial concepts were validated in a design sprint and led to the development of lo-fidelity wireframes that facilitate dialogue between clinicians and designers.

The prototype quickly advanced into an advanced proof of concept that collected valuable data and validated design decisions.


The result, iVHR, provides a radically different, integrated documentation platform that enables care providers to collect, display, navigate and analyze complex healthcare data easily and intuitively. The result is more accurate diagnoses and coding, which reduces risk and propels complete and appropriate billing and documentation in a user-friendly format that appeals to physicians.

Wireframes led to detailed designs and advanced prototypes
Prototypes were tested within clinical environments and provided important feedback for shaping the deployed platform

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