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Steer EV


Exelon is the largest provider of clean energy in the U.S. and wanted to build on their trusted brand of renewable energy expertise to create an EV-only subscription car service.  Steer was born out of Exelon’s corporate incubator program.


Electric Vehicles (EV) purchase and subscription models are confusing to consumers who already struggle to understand the "true cost" of auto ownership. A lack of understanding around consumer motivation and the appeal of EV's among millennials made it challenging for Exelon to define the market opportunity and develop a business case and a sustainable business model for an EV subscription program.

They needed to develop a unique brand, determine driver brand preferences, map out the pain points in the on-demand and subscription car markets, and then map user journeys from research and awareness through subscription and return to design an engaging and scalable user experience.


Agency 39A research and strategy teams defined the competitive landscape, customer expectations, and unique opportunities for the Steer EV brand. We informed pricing models, developed workflows, and informed value-stream maps to guide logistics and operations.

Detailed personas informed business model decisions

We developed a unique brand identity and brand language for Steer EV, content strategy and content, detailed personas, and customer journeys that mapped every interaction with the brand from awareness and research through use and return. Our work ensured the service design and user experience design addressed opportunities and pain points.

We developed a product selector, subscription configurator, detailed wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes, and deployable code for mobile and website applications, implementing and deploying the full digital platform.


Agency 39A incubated and launched Steer EV, a hassle-free, monthly electric car subscription service with no commitment that allows members to swap vehicles each month. 

The digital marketing platform educates new customers, defines subscription features, and facilitates transactions

We developed and deployed the Steer EV pilot program digital experience platform. Steer's digital experience guided would-be subscribers through the cost of ownership and the benefits of an eco-friendly EV alternative solution for their transportation needs.

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