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World-class healthcare providers are seeking out new ways to extend care beyond the physical world and tap into the data-driven view of the patient that digital technology enables. Providing effective digital healthcare requires a combined understanding of compliance, regulatory requirements, patient behavior, digital technology, and design – practices that are often difficult to incubate and scale within the four walls of a health care provider.

As adolescent patients dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia, progress through adolescence and early adulthood, transitioning from pediatric to adult health care becomes the next necessary step in their trajectory. Creating specific, better health habits is key to managing overall health and well-being. Traditional research methods and therapies are less effective in a digital world.


Agency 39A enables immediate and scalable digital transformation for healthcare providers. Our Launchpad™ innovation framework provides a toolkit of design and technology activities that work as well in highly regulated healthcare environments as they do for leading global brands. This approach ensures that healthcare providers benefit from innovation capabilities that power the most disruptive inventions, applications, and experiences currently developed.  

Agency 39A in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia developed a digital approach to transition of care and disease management for young adults with Sickle Cell Anemia. Design research conducted with patients, physicians, and clinical teams indicated a digital application would help patients achieve better health while providing a wealth of previously inaccessible data. Mobile applications provide an “always on” gateway to patient behaviors and status – something traditional analog clinical research can’t currently provide.

The mHealth application developed with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia focuses on strengthening health management skills through hands-on learning, behavioral modification and tracking, and a direct connection to a patients personalized care team. Relevant content and engaging educational experiences keep our adolescent and young adult patients engaged with the mHealth platform.


Our innovations provide a path to better health through disease management resulting in a significant increase in medicinal adherence and a 15% reduction in Emergency Department visits. The transformation process reshaped how clinical researchers and healthcare providers think about digital health and the nearly endless possibilities it affords – the impact of which goes far beyond the confines of a mobile device.

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