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Allovir develops highly innovative, allogeneic, off-the-shelf, virus-specific T cell (VST) therapies designed to prevent and treat life-threatening viral diseases. They are a global leader in this field. Their approach aims to restore viral immunity for patients fighting life-threatening infections through allogeneic, off-the-shelf, virus-specific T cell (VST) therapies.


The pace of progress within biotech is immense and teams of researchers exploring potential therapies can coalesce around a new breakthrough, moving from the research team to fully operational potential therapeutic companies in months. These teams are often ill-equipped for operating successfully in a digital context; talent marketing, digital marketing, brand strategy, and digital application development are must-haves that can slow the pace of growth within these high-potential businesses.

Initial visual experiments included mood boards and content explorations

AlloVir needed to effectively translate advanced biotech concepts, therapeutic accomplishments, and research milestones into a cohesive and engaging story to support their internal growth goals, brand awareness, and market presence. Like many biotech companies, they didn’t have the early-stage resources to implement their desired effective digital marketing and brand strategies.


Our work began with a digital maturity assessment to define the brand, digital, content, and organizational needs of AlloVir. We conducted a series of design sprints to rapidly excavate existing content and brand assets and involved the entire leadership and scientific teams in hands-on concept development and future-state visioning exercises.

Building on years of experience in biotech and life sciences, the Agency 39A team quickly developed a content strategy that informed new mission, vision, values, and value proposition content and a digital strategy that defined content, brand identity, user experience, and digital marketing tactics.

Designers worked with Allovir scientists to develop simplified mechanism of action illustrations

Allovir’s content-managed corporate website improved brand awareness and talent acquisition, and includes a robust IR platform that manages real-time stock performance, financial performance, SEC filings, corporate governance, news, presentations, information requests, and FAQs. 

Improved brand awareness continued through social media content development, calendar management, and analytics, and site analytics, performance management, and reporting


Agency 39A’s work helped translate AlloVir’s innovation and expertise into a digital communications platform that increases investor awareness, builds investor confidence, and attracts world-class scientific talent. 

Our reimagined content strategy across ADA-compliant digital platforms included more effective keyword-rich content and more robust scientific content for healthcare professionals. An increase in brand awareness was measured through improved digital analytics performance across all digital platforms including web and social media.

The result: an effective platform for engaging investors, top-tier talent, and clinicians

Leveraging user insights, research, business strategy UX design, we’ve evolved the digital brand to help AlloVir achieve its communication and awareness goals and we continue to serve AlloVir as a strategic design and technology partner in an ongoing partnership.

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