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Creating healthier communities through vaccine reminder programs



GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a global biopharma company, recognized the need to improve the tracking, scheduling, and reporting of vaccines. GSK wanted to ensure that adolescents would receive their immunizations on time, that parents could effectively manage their children's immunization schedules, and that schools could support children's immunization tracking for overall healthy growth.


Content Strategy
Design Research
Digital Product Development
Digital Strategy
Front End Development
Mobile Application Development
Patient Experience Design
Persona Development
Project Management
Rapid Prototyping
UI & Visual Design
User Journey Design

Project outcomes


Schools needed a way to support children's immunization schedules and tracking. However, GSK had no digital tools or platforms in place to address these needs.

GSK faced several challenges. Our research revealed that adolescents were not particularly interested in their health unless it pertained to their sports activities or physical appearance. They were also reluctant to involve their parents in their lives. Moreover, parents found it difficult to rely on primary care providers to manage their children's immunization schedules.


The proposed solution was a HIPAA-compliant mobile application that would appeal to adolescents, help parents like Sally manage their children's immunization schedules, and assist schools in tracking students' immunizations. The app would provide enhanced scheduling features, reminders, and a user-friendly interface for tracking immunizations. A series of detailed personas based on our research guided design requirements and informed UX and UI decisions. 


The piloted mobile application led to increased vaccine awareness and adoption. It also reduced vaccine avoidance among adolescents, who found the app engaging and easy to use. Parents appreciated the app's organization and scheduling features, which made it easier for them to manage their children's immunizations. Schools found the tracking features helpful in supporting students' immunization schedules. The app's success was measured by increased usage of key GSK vaccines, improved community health outcomes, and improved vaccine adoption.

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