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B2B Life Sciences brand and digital transformation

Life Sciences


Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) is an advanced therapy focused Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) dedicated to delivering life-changing treatments. Close to Philadelphia, the CBM campus is the largest fully integrated single-site development and manufacturing facility in the Advanced Therapies Market. 


Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Design Research
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy
Front End Development
Marketing Automation
Project Management
UI & Visual Design
User Journey Design
UX Design

Project outcomes


CBM is a rapidly growing organization both in terms of talent and capabilities. Therefore, the goal was to create a brand conveying the uniqueness of their collaborative, partner-focused approach to drug development.

As a B2B life sciences organization, their digital marketing efforts had to deliver technical, scientific content, all while driving search performance and keyword rankings. This required the development of a rich portfolio of digital and traditional marketing tools that could be implemented across web, social media, conferences, media placements and broadcast, talent acquisition, and client onboarding.

Initial identity studies explored new ways to communicate collaboration and integration


Our work quickly created an interim identity for CBM while removing some of the less effective legacy content and visual identity elements. Agency 39A designed a digital marketing strategy to address CBM’s immediate marketing needs while simultaneously developing a longer-term brand and digital strategy. In parallel, our research, strategy, and content teams conducted a design sprint to define the future of the CBM website.

Transitional style guides improved logo usage as well as how it was implemented while strengthening the brand identity

Agency 39A worked closely with CBM leadership, scientists, and business development teams to decode the value proposition, highlight key technologies, and illustrate the workflows and processes that set CBM apart from its competitors. We helped CBM navigate the regulatory hurdles of Biotech advertising on Google and other digital platforms.

Initial digital studies explored new patterns, typography, and photographic elements to create a unique and stand-out lead-generation platform

With a thorough understanding of CBM and the market, Agency 39A began keyword development to improve search rankings while developing CBM’s visual language to advance the brand identity.  Our initial concept resulted in a new identity system and revised logomark, a keyword-rich content strategy to drive search performance and lead-generation, and a conversion-focused website strategy to leverage and convert the increase in site traffic.

Input from CBM business and scientific leadership shaped the design process


This approach provided the CBM marketing team with more effective mission-critical marketing content and visual assets to instantly lift the brand at key industry events, talent acquisition events, and near-term digital marketing campaigns. The interim identity was immediately deployed on social media to gain instant ground on competitors. 

Identity systems are tested across all media types, ensuring that design decisions are effective and impactful

A reimagined identity system, including a redesign of the CBM logomark, visual brand elements, and our keyword-rich content strategy produced improved technical, brand, and marketing content. We developed a performance-focused analytics capability, custom analytics, and reporting dashboards, while crafting Biotech PPC Google Ad campaigns that cleared regulatory hurdles. Our work resulted in a robust portfolio of marketing materials that enable CBM to attract, engage, and convert new business effectively.

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