3 Must-Have Resources for Management and Leadership

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Nancy Tai
3 Must-Have Resources for Management and Leadership

3 Must-Have Resources for Management and Leadership

You’re managing work, you’re leading people, you’re trying to keep it all together and frankly, you could use a little help. Surely there’s someone who’s done this before. Who has a template or a piece of advice on how to…everything.

We’ve got a few things that will make your life a whole lot easier. Here are 3 of our favorite resources for examples, community, and advice.

1. There’s no need to start from scratch when it comes to…well anything, really. is an open-source repository that houses customizable templates, playbooks, scripts, and guides created by experts across disciplines. If you’re looking for anything from UX research guides to sample GTM plans for new products to understanding employee engagement (yes, I wrote that one, you’ll find it here.

2. The People Geeks Slack Community from Culture Amp is one of the best places online to learn about workplace, engagement, and data trends, trade information on strategies, ask questions on what works, and make connections with peers in the People space. If you and your People team aren’t on People Geeks, you need to be.

3. If you aren’t already getting Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day, sign up now. You’ll get quick, practical advice on a variety of topics, from remote brainstorming to giving feedback.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some of our favorite strategies to keep creativity up, productivity steady, and people connected in a physically-distanced world. Stay tuned!