Digital Transformation in Transportation is shaping how companies innovate, communicate, and operate.


The public transportation industry faces many unique challenges in today’s digital age.

Since its inception, this industry has witnessed a constant stream of disruption and product evolution. Modern transportation consumers seek convenience and utility over the fading transportation trends of yesterday.

Agency 39A partners with transit agencies to better understand customer expectations and provide innovative solutions to the changing landscape of today’s transportation needs.

We operate on two levels:

  • On a strategic level, we help transport networks better understand their customers’ expectations and identify pain points in the market.
  • On a product level, we provide design and user experience recommendations to create innovative public transport solutions and competitive advantages for your business, beginning with research and extending as far as development and execution.

Improving User Experience for Public Transit

Transportation is a daily part of consumers’ lives that is often associated with negative emotions like stress, inconvenience, and fatigue. Mass transportation infrastructures can be archaic and often use outdated technologies to connect with consumers. By focusing on redesigning the user experience, we can help transportation agencies adopt a human-centric model that is built with the consumer in mind.

Our framework begins with user experience. This phase involves research, direct observation, and inquiry. Our UX research team hosts design-thinking workshops, interviews, and innovation sessions to understand the current transportation infrastructure, industry challenges, and end-to-end experience for our clients. We speak with stakeholders from every touchpoint: transportation administration, drivers, passengers, engineers. Qualitative research occurs during this phase and gives our team valuable insight into users’ emotions, questions, and concerns along their journey.

Then, we experience it for ourselves. We ride buses and trains; we examine transportation hubs like bus stops and train stations to observe public transportation design and infrastructure strategy. After collecting our findings, we create user experience maps for each category of user needs based on recurring themes and identified gaps. We provide recommendations for any changes to infrastructure designs or organizational workflows that could be improved to address pain points and consumer needs.

These recommendations are shared with key stakeholders and then brought to the design team once alignment is found. UX designers will create visual displays of the new user experience either as a high-fidelity wireframe or a prototype of the proposed digital solution. These designs are shared back with the team and brought into more user research until an innovative digital solution is deemed successful and ready to scale.

Opportunities for Digital Transformation

Between ride sharing platforms, the rise of electric vehicles, and integrated operating systems, the transportation industry has witnessed a wide range of digital transformation in recent years. This is why it’s more important than ever to adopt a digital-first mindset in order to compete.

In today’s mobile-focused society, consumers expect a public transport app for their local bus or train. An innovative mobile app can store passenger information, assist with trip plans, and help consumers view transportation schedules in real time.

This consumer need is a large part of both the user experience and digital transformation process. Agency 39A spearheads web and software development to create and optimize this experience from research and discovery to implementation.

We conduct marketplace research to survey industry competitors and identify competitive advantages for our clients. This step-by-step process has proven successful in building a strong digital foundation for our transportation clients.

Creating a Better Employee Experience

On the back end, we reimagine internal workflows and infrastructure strategy to provide recommendations for improving the employee experience. The transportation workforce has a steady stream of turnover that directly impacts organizational success.

Questions we ask to better understand the transportation employee experience:

  • What is the main cause of turnover? How can retention be improved? How can higher quality candidates be onboarded?
  • What technology is currently in place to help transportation drivers adjust to inclement weather or unexpected traffic patterns?
  • How do employees access continuing education and professional development on new transportation methods?

These questions are considered during the research and observation phase as we interview stakeholders and engage directly with employees. We identify gaps and friction areas within the organization to create a whole picture of employee needs and desires. Then we work with key stakeholders to reimagine the employee experience and create better workflows.


We believe there is a significant opportunity for new public transport management solutions that can transform the world of transportation. Digital solutions for public transport can not only help you better connect with your consumers, but improve transportation management and help you become a more efficient operation. Agency 39A has the resources and industry experience to help you navigate these changes. Inquire today for your next project.

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