Digital Transformation in B2B is shaping how companies innovate, communicate, and operate.


B2B is widely overlooked from a digital transformation standpoint.

B2B organizations integrate with companies and consumers at pivotal touchpoints to provide necessary products and services for other companies. The unique nature of this business model creates user experience challenges not typically seen in other industries.

Agency 39A approaches the B2B industry with an eagerness to optimize and innovate from the ground up. We begin with a design-thinking approach that extends to new product development, improved shopping experiences, engaging B2B brand strategy, and effective digital transformation for internal and external users.

User Experience for B2B Buyers and Decision Makers

The B2B business model consists of companies engaging with other companies to sell a product or service. Key challenges in this industry relate to organizational bureaucracy, technology standards, and limited resources. The structure of B2B organizations is often hierarchical and drastically impacts the company’s ability to scale quickly and efficiently with new processes or methods of innovation.

We believe that a better user experience is available on both ends of the B2B spectrum. To find this solution, we begin by examining all user touchpoints within the organization’s scope. This includes the internal decision makers, front line sales and customer service teams, and external consumers who seek to do business with our client.

Our UX research team engages these users with informational interviews to glean qualitative insights about the company’s workflow, competitors, and areas of opportunity. Our priority is to inquire and understand how we can work together to improve the client’s internal and business-facing platforms. These findings are shared with internal stakeholders, along with recommendations from our user research team on best practices and ideas for innovation.

We hold innovation workshops and collaborate with internal users to align on B2B benchmarks of success. During the design phase, our team crafts visual experiences that seek to enhance the current user experience with increased touchpoints, engagement opportunities, and provide a competitive advantage in the B2B industry. We develop prototypes and high-fidelity wireframes of these digital solutions and share with internal stakeholders to gather feedback and alignment. The cycle of design and collaboration continues until key metrics of success are met and the product is ready for launch.

Redesigning the B2B Employee Experience

Another core component of B2B digital transformation is focused on the employee experience. Employees within B2B organizations are typically sales representatives with an established process and quota for B2B lead generation and conversion.

Through user experience research, observation, and discussion, we identify opportunities to improve the employee workflow and empower sales reps to do their best work. If technical limitations are discovered in the user research phase, we develop new digital solutions to improve the internal tech stack and optimize employee efforts. We also provide recommendations that seek to reframe B2B sales processes with realistic lead generation goals, ultimately designed with the customer in mind.

Customer service is a core differentiator in the B2B marketplace; however, many organizations struggle to create a consistent customer experience across large-scale efforts. Agency 39A works with B2B groups to optimize the customer service experience from the inside out, beginning with the employees. We examine the organization’s call centers, customer relationship management workflows, and assess the user experience journey to find opportunities for digital transformation. Our end goal is to improve both the employee and customer experience by providing a consistent, user-friendly interaction from start to finish.

An improved customer service experience not only helps consumers navigate buying decisions at every level of the supply chain, but can build brand trust and loyalty for years to come. It also reduces the level of employee turnover within customer service, an area often considered to be a revolving door in the workforce.

Opportunities in B2B Marketing

The shopping experience within the B2B sector usually consists of sales representatives from company A engaging with department leads from company B. These prospective buyers have unique needs and require custom marketing campaigns to attract their attention in a saturated market. Purchase decisions impact the entire business and often take longer to implement due to internal processes and approvals. B2B marketing strategies need to address B2B consumers’ specific pain points and offer clear, innovative solutions for B2B organizations.

Content marketing is a huge area of focus in B2B marketing because it allows organizations to reach prospective customers at the exact right moment in time.

At Agency 39A we partner with B2B organizations to build comprehensive marketing campaigns focused on strong brand awareness, lead generation, and brand messaging. We utilize content strategy to employ email marketing campaigns, optimize social media content, create engaging case studies, and build engaging landing pages with strong call-to-actions for every phase of the sales cycle.

Working together, this content strategy allows our clients to stay top of mind with prospective buyers and facilitate lead generation from all viewpoints. We utilize omnichannel marketing tactics to provide a consistent brand experience from the user’s first interaction to their first purchase and beyond.

At the core of a successful marketing strategy is a responsive website built with consumers in mind. We apply the same strategies we used during the user experience research phase to build innovative web and mobile apps. These digital touchpoints provide a space for consumers to land after engaging with an off-site marketing element like a LinkedIn post or promotional email. Our UX designers incorporate best practices from the web design industry to optimize page load time, scroll depth, and on-site consumer activity.

A high-quality website is even more vital in the B2B e-commerce space. These organizations exist to sell their products online and require innovative design and web capabilities to appeal to consumers. We work with clients to build B2B e-commerce platforms that follow best practices and bridge gaps in the user experience. On the front end, we prioritize user-friendly interfaces, the ability to customize orders, and opportunities to cross-sell products. On the back end, we implement technology that allows for better data reporting, visibility, and a streamlined workflow for employees.


B2B is an industry ripe for innovation. Competition is strong, but brands who can differentiate themselves with a worthy competitive advantage will establish themselves as industry leaders.

Cohesive digital marketing efforts, a strong employee experience, and disruptive technology solutions are imperative in today’s B2B marketplace. Agency 39A partners with B2B clients to pair the best tech solutions with the best internal workflows for a greater customer experience and ultimate digital transformation.

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